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Firehouse Radio Players

We are the Firehouse Radio Players - a troupe of voice actors and sound effects artists presenting a tongue in cheek homage to the Golden Age of Radio. When the "On Air" sign turns on, our cast brings to life "lost classics" of the old time radio era - hard-boiled mystery from Cliff Hanger - Private Eye, western adventure with Buck Taciturn, US Marshal, outer space excitement on The Thrilling Adventures of Captain Fremulon and more! 

We perform live shows every other month at Firehouse Theatre in Richmond, VA, but you can hear recordings of our past productions right here!

Mar 1, 2022

In this episode: ace attorney Skip Gardner defends a songwriter accused of killing a plagiarist producer; America's ace superhero Uncle Sam's Smasher strikes back against socialism; teachers and students star in "Homeroom Hijinks" - radio's classiest comedy; and Captain Fremulon and company must save the galaxy from an energy cloud with a big appetite.

Recorded live at Firehouse Theatre in Richmond, VA on February 27, 2022

Featuring: Joey Bishop (Skip Gardner Announcer, Cop, Doctor #3, Bower's Customer, Captain Fremulon); Kyla Daniel-Hart (Tina; Timmy; Dr. Mendes); Noah Downs (Skip Gardner, Uncle Sam Announcer, Colonist); Helen Hardymon (Juror; Captain Garrett; Mom in Dairy Delight Commercial); Reid Hardymon (Hank; Doctor #1; Daniel; Entity); Corey Hull (Dave; Perkins; Socialist Doctor; Mr. Tomlin; Fremulon Announcer; Doug); Dale Leopold (PBR Listener; DJ; Morgan; Uncle Sam's Smasher; Entity's Dad); Gina McKenzie (Caller; Woman in Beefeater Commercial; Mrs. Kowalski; Chief); Don Polaski (Craig Tapper; Guard; Judge; Coughy; Principal Belt; Fremulon Narrator; Quasar); Hannah Polaski (Ms. Winters; Ms. Grant; Petey Peterson); Kristina Schneider (PBR Announcer; Phyllis Lane; Doctor #2; Margaret; Entity's Mom); Anja Thomas (Molly Stein; Prosecutor; Wendy)

Written by Jack Mooney; Directed by James Nygren; Music composed and performed by Free Jambalaya; Sound effects performed by David Hightower.