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Firehouse Radio Players

We are the Firehouse Radio Players - a troupe of voice actors and sound effects artists presenting a tongue in cheek homage to the Golden Age of Radio. When the "On Air" sign turns on, our cast brings to life "lost classics" of the old time radio era - hard-boiled mystery from Cliff Hanger - Private Eye, western adventure with Buck Taciturn, US Marshal, outer space excitement on The Thrilling Adventures of Captain Fremulon and more! 

We perform live shows every other month at Firehouse Theatre in Richmond, VA, but you can hear recordings of our past productions right here!

Oct 1, 2022

Episode 15 - Terror on the Tracks (October 23rd, 2021)
In this episode - our first performance at Ashland Theatre - the Doyle Sisters stumble on a mystery while trick-or-treating; a horror icon is cast in role outside of his wheelhouse on "Hello from Hollywood"; Orson Welles tries to bring the scares without the listener complaints; and Madam Midnight presents three chilling Halloween tales. Recorded live at Ashland Theatre in Ashland, VA on October 23, 2021.
Featuring: Kyla Daniel-Hart (Patty Doyle, Woman, Witch 1, Alice, Realtor); Noah Downs (Timmy, Moose, "Madam Midnight" Announcer, Scott, Ashleigh, Bartender, Ghost 1); Corey Hull ("Doyle Sisters" Announcer, Billy, Chip, Fred, Ghost 3); Dale Leopold (Sgt. McCord, Farmer, Orson Welles, Alonzo, Judge); Austin Lewis (Joe, Ivan, "Orson Welles" Announcer, Peter, Porter); Gina McKenzie (Neighbor, Mrs. Kendall, Myrtle, Ms. Harrington, Cooper, Juror, Cathy); James Nygren (Casey Bones, Mr. Doyle, "Hello from Hollywood" Announcer, Doctor, Telegram Boy); Don Polaski (Craig Tapper, Mr. Kendall, Cedric Deville, Oog, Justice of the Peace, Kevin); Hannah Polaski (Molly Stein, Annie Doyle, "Plow About You?" Narrator, Witch 3, Mary, Tina, Ghost 2); Kristina Schneider (PBR Announcer, Teacher, Mrs. Doyle, Gail, Kid, Witch 2, Madam Midnight)

Written by Jack Mooney; Directed by James Nygren; Music composed and provided by Free Jambalaya; Sound effects performed by David Hightower; Audio engingeering by Matt Treacy; Technical direction by Rachel Groover.